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Bridal Jewelry &
Wedding Jewelry

Exquisite jewelry & accessories

We have looked in every corner of the world to present the most unique accessories, so when a bride steps into our boutique she will discover designs that feel as though they were made just for her. Personally selected items of exquisite lingerie available with us will accentuate your bridal appearance and take you from wedding to honeymoon in sensual style.

Crezus eas jewellery
Filini handband
Trousseau Australia jewellery
Trousseau Australia
A. B. Ellie ear rings
A.B. Ellie
Satellite Paris necklace
Satellite Paris
Plumetti Paris ear jewellery
Plumetti Paris
Victoria Percival tiara
Victoria Percival
Aguas Eternas head jewellery
Aguas Eternas
Twigs & Honey
Twigs & Honey