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Bridal boutique with tailor atelier


At «Leaf and Lace» we specialise in brides looking for unique modern designs, brides that are searching to resonate and connect with their gown. The journey taken to find the perfect dress is an emotional one - at «Leaf and Lace» we celebrate individuality and pride ourselves on delivering an experience to be cherished.

Bridal fashion store
Entrance to the "Leaf and Lace" shop with lettering


«Leaf and Lace» is located inside an industrial factory site directly off the highway in Steinhausen, Kanton Zug, Central Switzerland. «Leaf and Lace» shares an impressive 380m2 industrial space with The Place, an established salon and spa. With its special location, its unusual and breathtaking interior design, we have created a unique bridal store never seen in Switzerland.

The Place offers head-to-toe beauty services and specializes in wedding styling. The two businesses operate as one concept, welcoming brides in one main entrance, creating an unparalleled bridal experience as they begin the search for their gown and concluding the journey with a styling consultation to effortlessly connect the total look. From the very moment the brides step through our door, they will have our full attention.

We want your bridal appointment at «Leaf and Lace» to be a memory-making experience, touching your whole heart and soul.

Entrance to the "Leaf and Lace" shop with lettering
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    Nadia Koss

    Wild Soul

    My name is Nadia Koss. I am the proud founder and owner of «Leaf and Lace». I have always been a passionate, artistic and creative soul, having run my own business successfully for more than 15 years. However, I have always had a burning desire to create a unique bridal concept, where a bride’s individuality is celebrated and encouraged as she is looking for her perfect gown.

    I had the idea of converting an old industrial space into a destination so breathtaking and unexpected, that as the doors open what is awaiting on the other side cannot be anticipated. I have always been hugely influenced by nature, intrigued with soft natural textiles contrasting stunningly against cold industrial backdrops. This seed of an idea that I unknowingly planted years ago has grown inside me and filled me with a passion that I did not think possible. Therefore, I would be delighted to be part in the ritual of choosing your dress – and helping you in any way would fill my heart with joy.

    Now is the time to pursue that passion, it is the time to turn over a new leaf.

    Nadia Koss


    Germaine Ossio, our in-house tailor/seamstress with degrees in general tailoring, opera and theatre costumes and art tailoring, has worked on set of Game of Throne TV-series and will ensure that your gown fits you like a second skin.

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