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Our bridal fashion shop

Bridal boutique with tailor atelier


At «Leaf and Lace» we specialise in brides looking for unique modern designs, brides that are searching to resonate and connect with their gown. The journey taken to find the perfect dress is an emotional one - at «Leaf and Lace» we celebrate individuality and pride ourselves on delivering an experience to be cherished.

Bridal fashion store
Entrance to the "Leaf and Lace" shop with lettering


The bridal fashion shop of "Leaf and Lace" is a bridal boutique that is unique in Switzerland - housed in the modern "DOCK" in Rothenburg, Lucerne, opposite the renowned "ACE- CAFÉ". With easy access to the motorway and parking facilities in front of the building, as well as the railway station nearby, we are very easy to reach by public transport or car. The exceptional location and the breathtaking interior make our bridal shop something special.
220 square metres of shop space invite you to immerse yourself in a different world in a relaxed atmosphere. With passion we will fulfil all your needs according to your wishes. Your encounter at "Leaf and Lace" should remain an unforgettable memory.

We also have a new non-bridal section where we will surprise you with selected clothing brands, bags, hats and accessories.


Entrance to the "Leaf and Lace" shop with lettering
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    Nadia Koss

    Wild Soul

    My name is Nadia Koss and I am the proud founder and owner of "Leaf and Lace". I have been an independent entrepreneur for over 20 years and put my heart and soul and creativity into my work.
    With a stylish eye for exquisite bridal fashion and a deep love of fashion, my name stands for uniqueness. Through my experience, broad networked thinking, and passion, I immediately recognise what makes a Leaf and Lace bride. My expertise and unmatched dedication make Leaf and Lace Bridal one of the hottest and most fashionable bridal shops.
    My close connection to nature and eye for detail are reflected in every corner at Leaf and Lace. My team and I look forward to welcoming you, sharing your love story and guiding you on your way to your brightest "yes".

    Now is the time to pursue that passion, it is the time to turn over a new leaf.

    Nadia Koss


    Our tailors bring impressive and extensive professional experience. They will pin your wedding dress and then customize it according to your preferences, so that your wedding dress highlights your personality and showcases you at your most beautiful.


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